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Tree Service, Tree Removal & Firewood For Sale in MA

About Our Tree Removal Service and Firewood For Sale in MA

Ross Tree and Contracting, Inc., owned and operated locally, was started by Ross in 1981. Doing what we knew best, we have grown to be one of the trusted companies in tree removal, MA. Our progress has helped us to serve our customers better and at economical prices. Our business is based in Sudbury, MA, and we serve customers in Littleton, Groton, Hopkinton and Westboro. 

We specialize in tree removal, no matter what the situation. Our services also include tree pruning, landscaping, excavation and demolition. We also stock and have choice firewood for sale in MA. We understand that no two tree removal jobs are the same. We therefore visit the site for a survey, and advise our customer on the options available and the costs involved therein. It doesn't matter if the tree is too close to your home or if it has branches hanging over the home; we will remove the tree with an assurance that your home will not be damaged. We do our utmost to ensure that our customers get the highest quality service at the least cost.

At Ross Tree Contracting, Inc., we do the tree trimming and pruning and treat trees for pest control. We have trained arborists and pesticide applicators who can keep your trees looking trim and healthy. We are one of the leaders in tree service in MA. We also stock and sell the choicest firewood in MA. If there are any excavation or demolition works to be done we will do them for you.

Ross tree Contracting Inc. also undertakes landscaping. Whether it is a totally new landscaping, or a rework of an existing landscape, our well-trained staff will advise the customer on the best options, and complete the work to the customer's satisfaction. We undertake excavation and demolition jobs, including clearing and disposing of the debris.

If you have any concerns about tree removal, landscaping, excavation, demolition or need firewood, please get in touch with Ross Tree Contracting, Inc.
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